5 Ways We Can Support You With Home Working

Simple solutions to enable your team to communicate efficiently, securely and stay productive when working from home; including Microsoft Teams, Mobile Devices, Remote Desktop Solutions, and Cloud Telephony.

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Challenges for remote workers

1. Connectivity

Your team may not have the ability to utilise phone systems when out of the office, which could impact your business. Remote workers must have a system in place that allows them to connect with customers, stakeholders, internal colleagues and everyone in between. A cloud telephony system is a perfect solution for this issue.

2. Collaboration

We know a huge benefit of being in the office is the ability to easily contact colleagues and drive projects forward. We can take this collaboration for granted when in the office, however, Microsoft Teams offers a great alternative. When remote working, your team can stay in touch through chat, video calls, and even screen sharing; it’s just like being in the office.

3. Access

Your staff will need easy access to documents or data, which may not always be available from home. Remote desktops are a great solution for this issue and we can even provide you with hardware if you require it.

4. Security

If your current IT services are up to scratch, you will be in a secure environment when in the office. Working from home doesn’t have to compromise this. We can offer solutions that keep your data and systems safe when they are not in the office.

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Our solutions

We can support you and enable your business to work remotely by providing a secure and collaborative workplace for your team.

  1. Cloud Telephony
  2. Microsoft Teams
  3. Remote Desktop
  4. Mobile Devices
  5. Security

Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony will provide you with secure and dynamic hosted telephony solutions; which means your team will have the use of all business phone features, whether in the office or on the go.

Remote Desktop

Workforces are becoming increasingly agile and a hosted desktop would enable your employees to access system data and applications from home. No office, no worries!

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams would allow your business to continue working together over multiple locations. So your team can continue coordinating, communicating and sharing from the safety of their home.

Mobile Devices

If you don’t have the hardware capabilities to allow your team to work from home, we can provide you with mobile devices. We have access to many devices and manufacturers, so we can source laptops, mobile phones, and tablets for you.


Our IT and Data Security services combine threat intelligence, advanced detection technology, and expert security analyst coverage dynamically protecting your organisation 24/7.

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